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Harangued Amassed Masters Learning Excellent Tomes

27th April, 2005. 5:38 pm.(cefferson)

Open discussion; what do you all think about the whole 'Oedipus complex' angle? I know how it's supposed to be a major part of why Hamlet's a bit nutty at times, but I really can't see it as much as some people make of it.


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11th March, 2005. 9:41 pm.(a_fiddlers_fart)

Huzzah. Its a friday but i'm loving the productive mood i'm in right now.

Revenge people, revenge.



Hamlet is a Revenge Tragedy. 


A Humungous topic…you could go on for hours. However its best to categorise elements inside of revenge. We’ve got the religious aspect – Only god has the right to take life…it’s seen as the ultimate sin to take ones’ life but is also fairly bad to take anothers.

This soon leads in to what type of person is capable of revenge? It’s argued that Hamlet being an over thinking student never had the capacity to do so.


Aristotle’s break down of tragedy (from ‘The Poetics’)


Catharsis : the play must evoke pity and fear in the audience – we must feel a kind of purging of purifying through the experience of watching the play


The tragic hero : usually a hero of high social status


Hamartia : literally to suffer an ‘error of judgement’ on the hero’s part. Often expressed as a fatal flaw.


Catasrophe and reversal : tragic consequence of the fatal flaw (hubris), the play ends with a reversal of fortunes. The hero is reduced to nothing (or dies…whatever).


That’ll do for now…  




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26th February, 2005. 8:55 pm. This is a test!(cefferson)


... did it work?

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